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A giraffe at your window

A giraffe at your window

One of the things that I have learned during my stays in Africa is that there are some animals that are more photogenic than others and I think that giraffes are the best models when it comes to allowing themselves to be photographed.


Also, of all the great African animals, this may be one of the most peaceful. Despite their size, or perhaps because of it, they are not animals that tend to be aggressive unlike African elephants, with which you have to be careful when approaching.


Therefore, at no time did I feel that giraffes were dominant animals because of their character, rather they have a vibe that they want to be your friends. They see you, walk, eat, see you again, and so, if you're lucky, you can have a good time without either you or them being scared. Naturally curious, this is not an animal that is going to attack you and hardly flee from you or the car in which you go, giving you time to admire its beauty, its energy and to take the photographs you want.


With the particular characteristic of being the only mute mammal due to the fact that they do not have vocal cords, they manage to say everything with their eyes, gestures and body language.


On the other hand, the spots on the skin of giraffes function as a kind of fingerprint, which not only indicates the region in which they live, but also makes them unique from each other.

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