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Privacy Policy


Lucianomachadop, puts at your disposal in a clear and concise way all the information about your personal data:

Who is treating your data?

What data does he collect?

Directly: Identification data

  • Through the completion of the contact forms.

  • By subscribing to the newsletter (newsletter)

  • Interaction social networks.

  • Hiring of products or services.

Indirectly: Through the use of cookies and other technologies

  • Statistical data

  • Location data 

  • Navigation data

What does Lucianomachadop do with your data?

  • Answer the queries and requests that the User makes through the contact sections and / or social networks.

  • Remission of the newsletter (newsletter), for Users who have subscribed.

  • Lend you their products or services:

-Contact via email and / or by phone.

-He incorporate your identification data in its database to have a record of his clients (name, surname, email, telephone, etc.)

  • The data collected indirectly through cookies and other technologies allows him to:

-Get statistical information on visits to the web.

-Analyze the browsing pattern to find out which products and / or services are most interesting to those whom visit the web.

How did he get them?

  • Directly by the user:

-By including them in the contact forms

-By subscribing to the newsletter (newsletter)

-By supplying them through the subscription of the contract for the provision of products and / or services.

-By following it and sharing content, queries or opinions through Social Networks.

If you have changed your mind and do not want Lucianomachadop to have your information, contact him via email at

Indirectly by cookies and other technologies (for more information on how it works, see our Cookies Policy).

What rights do you have to protect your data?


Rights: What they consist of

Access: You can go to Lucianomachadop and check if it is treating your data, if so, you can ask for information about said treatment

Rectification: If you find that there is an error with your data, you can ask him to rectify it
as soon as possible

Deletion: You can ask him to delete your data from his files

Portability: You can ask him to give you your data to take it with someone else  

Limitation or opposition: You can oppose the processing of your data  

You can exercise any of the aforementioned rights by writing to the email address, including a copy of your identification document.

Lucianomachadop reserves the right to modify and update this Privacy Policy at any time.

Date of last update: June 10, 2021

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