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A silent everything

A silent everything

Being the most sacred place for Judaism, the first and second Temple of Solomon were built on Mount Moriá. Both temples with regrettable fates, since the first was destroyed by the Babylonians in 587 BC, and the second, by the Romans in AD 70. The Western Wall, is the only part of Solomon's Second Temple that remains erected after the Roman assault.


The importance of this sacred place is intimately linked, among other things, to an enchanting and great time in the history of humanity, and specifically, of the Jewish people. That being, the story of Abraham and later the story of King David and his son Solomon.


But going back to the present for reasons of time and space. I can tell you that since I was little I had wanted to see the Western Wall. Born a Christian and naturally curious, I had been captivated by the images I saw on television.


Many years later, there I was in person seeing people in their devotion: in their silent everything. Having previously consulted with one of my best Hebrew friends, I pressed my forehead to the wall with my yarmulke on out of respect.


And I must confess that today being an agnostic, in that place I could not see God, as the person in my photo does, but what I felt was as if I was connected with millions of human beings, from different historical moments , for an instant, in the present and across the forehead.


It was like being plugged into a power source. An indescribable anthropological energy. A matter that, in fact, made me come back repeatedly, to want to press my forehead again.

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