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A romance with the world [IV]

A romance with the world [IV]

I think one of the most important things in our own evolution as a species is to realize that the world where we live, like us, is a being, a living entity.


A planet that in itself is alive, that is in continuous movement, the tides, the wind, rotation, translation, etc., full of energy and diversity, and that houses in its bosom, as if they were molecules, the rest of the mortals.


The present and the future, not only of humanity, but of the rest of living beings, will depend on how we relate to a world that does not need us and that we also take for granted.


If we learn to see beauty in the simple, if we focus on what is truly important, if we have a conscious materialism, if we are less self-centered and more sensitive to our environment, perhaps the future looks more promising for all those inhabitants of this planet we call home.


And I know that I am not alone, I know that many of you can perfectly understand why I chose these words. I know that many of you have the ability to see beauty in the simple, to see it, in a bit of sand, water and sky, and to be able to declare yourself too, without needing too much, in a romantic relationship with the world where we live.


* In the referential mockup you are looking at images II, III and IV in case you want to acquire the suggested series.

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