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A Gaudí in my window

A Gaudí in my window

This was the view I had from my apartment in Barcelona. And this was, in turn, the photograph that I repeated the most during that year and a half that I was living in what I considered to be, the international city par excellence of the 21st century.


And so, La Sagrada Familia, beyond being a symbol of the city of Barcelona, became a personal symbol for me and my closest friends.

Having had the opportunity to live in that apartment with this frontal view of the old facade of the Sagrada Familia, is something that is priceless, and it will also be something that I will never forget. 


As an old man, this will be a memory that, without a doubt,  it will draw me a smile and now, I have the opportunity to share it with you as well.

  • Limited Editions

    • In Methacrylate: LTD ED of 3 pcs.
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