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I took this photograph in Lesotho, a mountainous country, without access to the sea and completely surrounded by South Africa. Dominated by the Sotho ethnic group, from which it derives its name, I could not explain in words how spectacular this part of the world and its people is.


Although they gave me the impression of being shy people, particularly the further I got from the capital, I never had an encounter that did not end with a smile and a sense of fascination at having the opportunity to connect with them.


In the interior, the mountainous panorama becomes more and more evident and as you go deeper you have to go through small, but deep valleys, with some extremely steep climbs that make you doubt, if indeed, your car will have the strength to assume that commitment or not. 


The green color is abundant, as well as small rivers that are unleashed from the top of the mountains. Most of the population lives from livestock and agriculture and you constantly run into goats, sheep and the occasional wild horse that runs off the middle of the road. The men, for their part, with their respective baton, are herding the cattle through the green meadows and, as I tell you, on occasions, up to the middle of the road. 


Finally, I can tell you that I waved to each of the people that I met along the way and that literally, there was not a single person who did not return my greeting. This is the people of Lesotho.

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