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It is always better as a couple

It is always better as a couple

I took this photograph in Eswatini within one of the many national parks this country has to offer, and I remember that these particular elephants weren't in a very good mood.


One of the things you have to be careful not to do with elephants is to put yourself in the middle of their herd, you have to try to keep them together as much as possible, and indeed my mistake that day was, not noticed that there was a second elephant hidden among the trees.


It didn't take me too long to realize my mistake and immediately went on my way, making the elephants for their part and with the same emphasis that I had to get out of the way, manage to get together.


The reddish color that you can see on the elephants' skin is due to the fact that they covered themselves with mud, a behavior that is usual in their species.

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