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Namib [III]

Namib [III]

I think that most of us when we think of an imposing desert, we refer in one way or another to the Sahara desert. A magical and unique place for meditation, which managed to captivate the imagination of the West since ancient times.


This photograph that I share with you is of the oldest desert in the world. And no, it is not the Sahara, it is the Namib desert that gave the name to the country in which it is immersed, Namibia.


This specific dune is known as Big Daddy, and what you see is only the first part of it, since on the left and outside of the photo is the top, which you would arrive after one hour and forty-five minutes of hiking.


Traveling is expanding the mind and with this photograph I invite you, when you think of the word desert, to also add the Namib desert as one of the most spectacular places on our planet.


* In the referential mockup you are looking at images II, III and V in case you want to acquire the suggested series.

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