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 Do I have to get up?

Do I have to get up?

Of all the animals I have had contact with in Africa, I believe that zebras are the ones with the best attitude.


Despite being an animal whose population is decreasing in number, it is common to get them when you are doing safaris in the different national parks of Southern Africa.


And obviously the first time you run into any of them is too exciting, and you almost spend a full battery of the camera taking pictures, but after a while you have to negotiate with them so that they let you pass, as is the case. of the zebra in my photo.


This particular zebra had no intention of moving, until I got too close and it gave up.


Nobody knows for sure why they have that spectacular fur and for hundreds of years there have been different hypotheses, from that they serve as camouflage, until they function as a kind of fingerprint that helps them to differentiate themselves from each other. But apparently, the hypothesis that has the most support so far is that this fur protects them in some way, against the bites of flies.

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