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Made out of wood

Made out of wood

Vultures not only seem captivating animals to me, but they are extremely important for the environment, since their work in the ecosystem consists of cleaning and taking advantage of the remains of food left by other predators.


And the truth is, human beings are somewhat strange, we give the symbol of peace to a dove and we have a somewhat negative generalized persecution regarding vultures, in whose family one of the largest birds in the world dwells, the Andean Condor.


In turn, it was a Rupell's vulture who, in the world of birds, broke the record for having the highest flight in the world. That particular vulture that hit a plane in Côte d'Ivoire, registered a flight 11,000 meters high.


Finally, and from a human perspective, we can learn from this animal, since it shows us that where some see waste, others see opportunities.

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