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The Treasury

The Treasury

Petra is much more than this famous facade that you can see known as "The Treasury". It is an immense city chiseled and sculpted in stone that houses religious and architectural syncretisms, which to this day remain a mystery.


I remember that at that time we had gotten up at dawn to be the first to enter the city, which is currently uninhabited. And indeed, we managed to be for a quite acceptable period of time the first to come face to face with the spectacular Treasury of Petra, which is the first large-scale and preserved facade that you come across when entering the city.


And the truth is that I cannot explain to you how magical that moment was in solitude with this wonder of the modern world. I remember that beyond thanking life for having put me in that place, I was simply stunned, unable to draw any conclusion at the moment.


So there we sat in silence admiring that beauty, until the people began to arrive and the Bedouins began to fight, to take over the best places to offer their goods and services, typical of the inevitable mass tourism.

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