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Art in industry  [VI]

Art in industry [VI]

I took this photograph in Denmark, and the truth is that I was fascinated with the dimensions of this great work of art.


What you see is a part of the Copenhill Power Plant in Copenhagen, and so, continuously and throughout the world, I have always been fascinated by the results of industrial design, from cranes to power plants, if you have the time to look closely and for a moment you subtract its utilitarian character, you can find yourself immersed in the appreciation of true works of art of exorbitant sizes.


* In the referential mockup you are looking at images I, IV and VI in case you want to acquire the suggested series.

  • Limited Editions

    • In Methacrylate: LTD ED of 9 pcs.
    • On Photographic Paper: LTD ED of 75 pcs.