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One of the things I tend to do to promote and at the same time show my love for animals is to humanize them as much as possible, is to try to get people to break that thin rational barrier that does not make us better, but different from other species.


The truth is that after a certain degree of genetic complexity, we are all equally animals.


I took this photograph in South Africa in a national park that actually specializes in elephants, but since in this life there is nothing absolute, where there are elephants there may also be African wild boars, and this particular boar I followed the track for a good while, and the truth is that it did not stop surprising me.


Minutes before he had had a romantic encounter that had not been entirely favorable for him, for her, or for the species. His disappointment was evident through his body language, but what I did not expect was that he was going to go alone to drink water at the pond to give me this image of spite.

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