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Of those works of art that we call churches

Of those works of art that we call churches

This photograph was taken in the capital of Ukraine, Kiev, formerly known as “Little Russia”. In particular, the church that you can see in the photograph, today a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the Orthodox Church of St. Andrew of Kiev  built between 1747 and 1754.   


Obviously, at first glance, the nickname "Little Russia" may sound pejorative when we are talking about Kiev, even more so, today with the series of events that have taken place between Ukraine and Russia, but this photograph, this church, is the result of vestige of an empire. It is a photograph of the present that speaks of the past. 


Shortly before the construction of this church, one of the most powerful and important empires in the history of mankind had been consolidated, the great Russian Empire. An empire that would not only invest considerable resources in Kiev, making it one of the most important cities, but would also change the course of history. A story that to this day continues to condition relations between Russia and the world.

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