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Hide and seek

Hide and seek

This photograph was taken in South Africa at a truly magical moment, in which several herds of elephants met to drink water in the same pond.


By that time, the national parks in South Africa were empty. You could do 12-hour safaris on your own and do not encounter another human being, and thus, nature in its maximum splendor, perfectly unaltered, offered you indescribable panoramas.


Until then, my encounter with the elephants had been constant but focused on a few herds from different national parks. Having managed not with one herd, but with several, drinking water at the same time, with elephants of all ages interacting with each other was a memorable moment.


The males practiced their lunges against each other as a game, the matriarchs came out from time to time to put order and the baby elephants scampered energetically between the legs of the adults.


And as if it were the story of the ugly duckling, I took this photograph at a time, in which no one wanted to play with this little elephant.

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