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One humanity

One humanity

This imposing woman belongs to the Himba ethnic group that lives in the north of Namibia.


Each of the elements that make up this beautiful outfit has a symbol and a meaning. For example: what you see on the head that is shaped like horns and made of goatskin, symbolizes that she is of childbearing age.


Himba women have never bathed in their lives and they do not smell bad, since they apply the strategy of burning wood with some oils and they smoke their body and clothes, which is why they smell smoky.


In turn, they dance to the music but also dance to create music, the footsteps are like an instrument, that sound of the foot hitting the floor is consistent with the sound of the clapping and singing.


At the age of 12, the two lower incisor teeth are removed as it is considered aesthetically attractive.


But what fascinated me most about this contact with the Himbas, apart from how physically spectacular these women were, was the interaction between them. It was the way they joked, the mischief, the laughs and their body language. It was that essence that makes differences irrelevant and that reminds us that we are one humanity.

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