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It's funny, but this was the most difficult animal to find during that 6-month season, in which I was in Africa. I had given up until precisely, on the last day of safari while I was driving out of the national park, I saw something moving rapidly through the brush, and out of nowhere, there was this meerkat with his family, all just as accelerated .


I stopped the car and watched them for a long time, their burrow was not far, in fact, I could see it perfectly through the camera lens, but what fascinated me the most about this meeting was observing their behavior, they explored a little in search of food and stopped to see if a predator was coming, a question that they can do several times a minute of how fast these animals are.


It is fascinating to see how little heads appear one after another and in opposite directions from the undergrowth, making sure to have a 360 ° view of the perimeter.

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