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Lost in the 21st century

Lost in the 21st century

One of the best experiences I have had in Africa was meeting some people belonging to the Himba ethnic group in the north of Namibia. Learning about their culture, traditions and history was music to my ears from the first moment. 


But I have to confess, that women in particular caught my attention not only because of their outfits, but also that their aesthetic beauty seemed truly impressive to me.


Of the person you see, I have two photographs, both were taken at a time when I was able to share with her inside her house, but despite being the same person, each of these images transmits something completely different to me.


I decided to call this photograph that I took in a careless instant,  "Lost in the 21st century" because that gaze into the void attached to her body language, perhaps gave me more information not only about her as a person, but about the number of ethnic groups in the world that are trapped between tradition, and a world increasingly dependent on technology and globalized.

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