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I hope they can see them

I hope they can see them

My feeling when seeing rhinos has always been that I'm seeing a living dinosaur. In particular, they remind me of triceratops because of the horns, the folds of their skin, and also because in my imagination their body language must have been quite similar, even though triceratops were reptiles and rhinos are mammals.


Either way and leaving my timeless and comparative interpretation, rhinos are, in addition to being enormous, majestic animals.


This photograph was taken in one of the best national parks in Africa to see rhinos, known by the name of Hlane Royal National Park in the kingdom of Eswatini.


I remember that I had several hours on safari that day when I came across a fork in the road. Making the decision to cross to the left and to my surprise, a few meters away I saw not 1 or 2 rhinos, but 7 white rhinos together taking a nap.


And the truth is that I can't explain my emotions after seeing that scene. Always attentive to the body language of the rhinos to not disturb them, I got as close as I could, turned off the car and even, after a couple of hours, I also took a nap.


They in freedom and I locked in my car, I could not be more grateful to creation for the fact that animals like those exist. I was simply amazed, admiring with my own eyes and through the lens of my camera that beauty, and wishing it was not ours, the last generation that can see these animals alive.


And precisely, when I say goodbye I remember asking life that if I have children, they can see these animals with their own eyes and no, because of us as a species, they have to see them in the same books where the dinosaur I mentioned at the beginning of this writing appears.

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