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Playing hide and seek

Playing hide and seek

This photograph was taken in the kingdom of Eswatini within the Hlane Royal National Park.


And I can tell you that I was particularly fascinated with this herd of southern white rhinos that I had the opportunity to interact repeatedly. With about seven members, the leading role was always taken by the baby that you see in the photograph and his mother.


The southern white rhinos, larger in number than the black rhinos but equally in a critical state of conservation, are usually not as aggressive and are easily differentiated by the rectangular shape of the muzzle.


I even remember that on one occasion, and a few meters from where the herd was resting, I turned off the car and took a nap with them when I saw that my presence did not bother them at all.


But what fascinates me about this photograph, beyond the play of light and shadow, is the shy body language of the baby rhinoceros, crestfallen, hidden among the trees and with a Buphagidae, its symbiotic friend prostrate on its forehead.

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