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On the horizon

On the horizon

I took this photograph after spending 6 months on the African continent and I remember that particular national park, Camdeboo National Park, was full of ostriches.


Months after I started that trip through Africa, the vegetation had changed: when I had arrived it was the rainy season and by the time I took this photograph, it was already winter, which coincides with the dry season.


I also remember, that just after photographing this ostrich that appeared on the horizon, I wrote this little story while having lunch inside the car:


And so, when on the sixth day God created the animals, when it was the ostrich's turn he said:


- You will be the largest and heaviest bird in the world but unlike most birds, you will not be able to fly.


The annoyed ostrich responded by saying:


- I don't understand why, like eagles you make me majestic, but at the same time, so similar to chickens.


To which God replied:


- Because my dear ostrich, in this life, you cannot have everything. "

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