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A little more animals

A little more animals

Aristotle believed that the goal of life was to be happy, and it is well known that man is happier the more in the present he manages to be. Animals, on the other hand, live in the eternal present, their lives go by jumping from one moment to another, making it impossible for them to remember the past moment or to ramble about the next moment.


In the West, historically we have wanted to distance ourselves from animals, we have wanted to believe ourselves superior because we have something that they do not have that is: reason. But it is precisely reason that distances us from living in the eternal present as animals do, it is reason that basically prevents us from easily becoming happy.


My love for nature and animals is not only because of my belief that perfection dwells in them, but because they are also an example of how we can become happy.


Perhaps in this life what we need is to be a little more animals.

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