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No time for divas

No time for divas

One of the things that I find most attractive in people is if they are as natural and authentic as possible, since in this world we don't have to impress anyone.


Reason why, in my opinion, the most important thing is always going to be, trying to connect with what all human beings have in common, reflected in our ability to love, to be happy, to create, to change, to improve ourselves, etc. ., in other words, the most important thing is, trying to connect through our humanity.


And just when I'm thinking all this inside the car and after several hours in a row lost in nature, this little gazelle appears to me making diva poses and the truth is that I was fascinated, since this gazelle in her role as a diva, what she didn't have of natural, she had of authentic.

  • Limited Editions

    • In Methacrylate: LTD ED of 3 pcs.
    • On Photographic Paper: LTD ED of 25 pcs.