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You won't be able to fly

You won't be able to fly

For me the landscape was enough, but even so, there was this ostrich trying to be difficult to let himself take a picture. Maybe he was a bit upset that I interrupted his romantic moment in solitude, or maybe he was because he was reflecting on his inability to fly.


Ostriches have always seemed fascinating to me and referring to my previous comment, I wrote this little story that I share with you:


And so, when on the sixth day God created the animals, when it was the ostrich's turn he said:


- You will be the largest and heaviest bird in the world but unlike most birds, you will not be able to fly.


The annoyed ostrich responded by saying:


- I don't understand why, like eagles you make me majestic, but at the same time, so similar to chickens.


To which God replied:


- Because my dear ostrich, in this life, you cannot have everything. "

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