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North Macedonia: a nascent country

North Macedonia: a nascent country

By separating from the former Yugoslavia in 1991, the current North Macedonia began a new and complex identity process around the figure of Alexander of Macedon (Alexander the Great).


The point is that, apparently, ancient Macedonia remained in Greek territory and the only real link with current North Macedonia comes from the conquest of the father of Alexander the Great, Philip II, of part of the geographical space that today makes up the Republic of North Macedonia.


At present, conflicts with Greece regarding the name and several of the national symbols chosen by the Republic of North Macedonia, are a daily part of the political scene in the relationship between the two countries. In Skopje, the capital, you can see not only a large statue of Alexander the Great, but also a modern artistic and architectural development that invokes the Hellenistic period. At the same time, it shows the great effort they are making to develop and modernize Skopje as the administrative and tourist hub of the nation.


In particular, I found Skopje fascinating, it is one of those places where you ask yourself: How did I get here? And you are attracted to the idea of not being able to imagine a place with these characteristics.


Macedonia is a Republic with a prominent future in my opinion, and even its identity problems and the great effort they are making to develop after a long communist period, make this region a truly authentic place.

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