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Mothers will always be mothers

Mothers will always be mothers

I remember taking this photograph at dawn right next to a pond of water inside the Addo Elephant National Park in South Africa, and so, a few meters away, I sat waiting for the different animals, many of them still dozing, approach to drink water in the pond.


That morning there were two scenes that were fascinating to me, the first was of an aged African buffalo with a horn broken in half and in a bad mood, who as he got closer, all the other animals, fearful, were retreating from the pond to let him drink water alone.


And the second scene is the one you see in the photograph, of this mother zebra and her baby. Image that not only fascinates me because of the dawn lights that hit the figures' sides, but also because of their body language.


"The mother, distrustful of our presence, observes us out of the corner of her eye with one of her hind legs flexed, as if ready to kick, and for her part, the fearful calf, stands in front of the mother in search of protection" .

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