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The land of creation [IV]

The land of creation [IV]

This photograph was taken at Reynisfjara Beach in Iceland, a place also known as Black Sand Beach. The black volcanic sand along with the rock formations and cliffs, make this place unique in the world.


From the first moment I arrived in Iceland, I had the feeling of being trapped in a prehistoric moment tied to the gestation process of life on planet earth. Nature is so imposing that it can even be contradictory at first glance. In Iceland, you can see spectacular green meadows that collide with volcanoes that, in turn, host glaciers. You can also see frozen rivers and waterfalls that appear in the middle of nowhere, and geysers that spit boiling water into the sky.


* In the referential mockup you are looking at images I, IV and VI in case you want to acquire the suggested series.

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