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The extension of Petra

The extension of Petra

This photograph was taken in Jordan while walking through one of the most incredible and mysterious places I have been in my life. Petra: one of the 7 wonders of the modern world.


In fact, one of the things that most impressed me about Petra was its size, used to seeing photographs and reading information only about the iconic facades of the city such as The Treasury, at no time could I see any reference to the dimensions of this city sculpted and chiseled in stone.


Petra is so big that the local population that lives off tourism offers different types of transport, and thus tourists can choose between reducing distances by dromedary or in this type of vehicle that you see in my photograph.


Vehicles that rush through the narrow roads of the city and that you constantly have to be dodging so that they do not pass you through the middle. At times it seemed that the horses were running wild and that the coachman was there for decoration.

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